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Sources and References

Source Material and References.
The excellent Putnam book on Supermarine is still the main reference source but its scope was not concerned directly with Mitchell’s development during his two decades as Chief Designer – which must be inferred from its survey of the company’s aircraft. The Spitfire Story by Alfred Price is very informative about the genesis and development of Mitchell’s fighter but, of course, it is not concerned with his whole career. One thus turns to the work of his son, Gordon Mitchell, which does give considerable biographical information and a chronological survey of his father’s whole design output. Whilst Dr. Mitchell performed an important service by raising the profile of his father, some of the material approaches that of hagiography and quite a few aircraft are only briefly dealt with. There are no three-view drawings of the machines and no comprehensive set of photographs.
The reminiscences of such test pilots as Biard, Orlebar, Schofield, D’Arcy Grieg, Waghorn, Quill and Henshaw, and of the two navy pilots, Livock and Nichol, supply much information about that essential factor in any designer’s output – what it was like to fly the machines. They also give revealing insights into the character of the designer, as do several Supermarine employees whose accounts also make it possible to discover much about the complex nature of the man behind the machines.
   My own book (see below) was written to collect together such biographical material and to give an overall survey of all Mitchell's main designs, in chronological order and related to their historical period, supported by photographs and drawings, whilst drawing attention to the Schneider Trophy contests as these were crucial to Mitchell's ability to produce the Spitfire when he did.

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An extended bibliography is included in my R.J.Mitchell at Supermarine; Schneider Trophy to Spitfire which also provides material for wider reading, grouped according to specific areas of interest. 

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